Wednesday, February 3

What Climate Change Then???(!)

MIT Climatologist Richard Lindzen on the politiciziation of global warming science: (Recent videos - all excellent.) (Early article on the dangers of promoting draconian regulation and policy on the basis of faulty science.) (As usual, Wiki is not kind to Lindzen – there is a decided slant against him in this entry. As Alex Beam of the Boston Globe stated about Lindzen, “It's easier to call someone a shill and accuse him of corruption than to debate him on the merits.”) (This 2001 WSJ article refers to the politicization of IPCC and NAS reports – away from the actual summaries provided by contributing scientists.) (Another WSJ article on the AGW intimidators.)
(Yep, he’s an “Inconvenient Scientist.”)
(Interview with Lindzen, in which he states on climate models: “It’s a kind of replacement for theory,” Lindzen said. “We’re finding students taking the model developed by someone else—never tested by them—and just turning knobs and calling that research. That’s akin to using a Ouija board.”) (Highly recommended as a meaty treatise on the bulk of Lindzen’s work and views.)

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