Tuesday, September 20

How Just 2 Clients Can Be All You Need

What if you could find one client per month to pay you for your time and services?

You decide what that could be - teaching someone new skills, or helping them with weightloss, fitness, or general motivation. You might have some business skills, maybe in writing, or Photoshop editing, or video production. Maybe you already have an established business model that others could replicate.

Anyone, regardless of their situation has something of value to offer if they really think about it.

Imagine having one client who you charge $1,000 per month - so two clients will bring you $24,000 per year! If you charge $5,000 per month for each client, then you have a six-figure business.

You might think that it's very difficult to sell such high-priced items on the internet, but courses like this do regularly sell, and at prices even higher than we've talked about so far!

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