Wednesday, August 27

Search Engine Marketing

Free Web Site Hosting Services

Create and maintain you're own professionally designed World Wide Web site by using the instant Web Publisher. No HTML programming, CGI scripting, or graphic design skills required. Everything is as simple as filling in the blanks. Best of all, there is no cost to you, ever.

These pages make great "Doorway" pages and can be an easy, integral part of you're Internet Marketing Campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

Use these pages to build link popularity to you're home page. Make as many as you want. What better way then to build unlimited relevant sites all pointing to the site you're working to get top ranking. You can build these sites on a huge selection of different domains. But make sure you keep track of you're pages, login information, passwords, etc. You will need them if you ever want to edit them. We email this information when you ever you make a new page. Also make sure you submit them to search engines as well.

Free Page offers the three biggest advantages to building traffic to your main site. The first being CONTENT. As easy as this sounds it takes some thought, planning and editing to "write" it right! Free Page is fully compliant to using HTML code or just plain text. Make sure that your mini sites on Free Page contain well written and similar content on the site you will point your mini sites to. This is the number one way to get excellent Search Engine Optimization. Keep in mind that keywords you are using to get place accordingly in the search engines should be liberally used within your copy. NOTE: Free Page also lets you edit your meta tags and title tags, three very important mechanism to bring it all together.

The second and as important is LINKS. When your primary site has many mini sites with relative good content pointing to it, your primary site will start to develop popularity. With relative content and popularity your standings in the search engines will rise to or near the top. Keep in mind you need to keep your content updated at least monthly. but preferable weekly.

The third is OPTIMIZATION. The Free Page system allows full configuration of your TITLE tag, META description tag and META keyword tags as well as the ability to add links and place/edit copy to the site. The pages are designed so your copy is built close to the top of the page code.

With these three benefits working for you, the real value is there is no cost to use this system.

However the real secret to success with us, is joining our Veretekk system. With Veretekk you will have live access to the professionals that put sites in the top of search engines consistently and train you to do so as well.
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