Sunday, August 24

"When Is 10 better than 100?"

Carol Green wrote:

THE ANSWER TO 'WHEN IS 10 BETTER THAN 100' .... When we place 10 ZenZuu members on our 1st row before August 31st.! If we do not have 10 members on our 1st row (who sign into their website (30) times during the month of August), we will thereafter need 100 members to qualify for the 100% Matching 10th Level Bonus!. The 10th Level 100% Matching Bonus can be huge! I have been blessed with an excellent team who have worked their hearts out since March, 08, and my team on the10th level is over 1,600. Each one of these 1,600 who log into their website 30 times will earn a check and I will be blessed with 100% of whatever they earn. You can do this too. Share ZenZuu with a few people and some of them will catch the vision and run with it. Of the 10 who came in on my 1st row, only 4 got busy and have been responsible for building my entire team of over 24,000. Go for it.....ZenZuu is our opportunity to help families who can't afford gasoline, food and their house payments. We have the answer! We won't make a fortune right from the start.....we are planting the seeds.....give the seeds time to grow and one day....within a few months or a year.....we will be abundantly blessed!
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