Friday, September 19

10 Killer Ways To Sell Your Back-End Products

A back-end product is a product you attempt to sell
your customers after they have recently purchased a
related product from your business.

If you're not trying to sell back-end products to your
customers, you're making a big mistake. It is easier to
sell to existing customers than it is to sell to new ones
who don't trust your business yet.

Below are ten killer strategies you can use to sell your
back-end products to your existing customers:

1. When you ship people the first product they bought,
insert a flyer or brochure for your back-end product
in the package.

2. Give customers a free subscription to a customers
only e-zine when they buy your product. You could
include your ad for your back-end product in each

3. Send your customers greeting cards on holidays or
on their birthday. Include a small advertisement inside
the card for your back-end product.

4. After people order your first product from your web
site, take them to a "thank you" web page and include
your back-end product ad on that page.

5. Send customers a free surprise gift after they order
your first product. You could attach another ad with
the free gift for your back-end product.

6. If you're selling an electronic product, like an ebook,
include your ad for your back-end product somewhere
inside the electronic product.

7. Give your customers a free membership into your
"customers only" private site. You could include your
ad for your back-end product somewhere inside
the private site.

8. Contact your customers by phone and ask them if
they were happy with their purchase. You could tell
them about your back-end product.

9. Send your customers a thank you letter by mail or
e-mail. You could mention your back-end product
somewhere on the letter.

10. Ask your customers if they want to be updated in
the future when you have new product offers. You
could have them sign up to receive e-mail or snail
mail updates.

Your business will have a greater chance of surviving
when you attempt to sell back-end products to your
existing customers.

Quote of the Day:

"Criticism should not be querulous and wasting, all knife
and rootpuller, but guiding, instructive, inspiring." --
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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