Sunday, September 28

10 Years Ago I Wouldn't Touch MLM with a 50 Foot Stick

I've ran into Multi Level Marketing (MLM) programs before. Everybody has. They always seem so convincing until you tell you're best friend down the road about it. Then you almost get a headache after "pyramid scheme" is tossed around like cannon balls during Gettysburg.

Have you often wondered why MLM programs are still around. Like really, you'd think a scam would die down after it's been punished for 10 years. Looking at evolution, the weak animals died out a long time ago, leaving the stronger of which you see to day. Business follows the same rules, no matter what anybody tells you and you can tell by looking at Wal-Mart and Target that this is true.

Obviously it mean something. I'll tell you what it means. MLM companies are learning from their mistakes. They have grown wiser as their customers have grown wiser. They have learned what is needed to make a MLM company work. If they didn't they would die out, and nobody wants to do that. The right MLM program is needed to make it as a MLM Marketer, and there are good programs.

They have evolved over the last ten years and now they are popping up again after a slow period. They have fresh ideas that really put making money into action. Put there still are the "pyramid schemes" that you do have to watch for. You need to know what programs are the right ones and what a program needs to have before jumping into it.  Do you know what that is?

click here for a look at a good program. What they offer is what is needed in a program. Find programs like this and you'll be on you're way. But you still need to work at it. Making money online is never easy and if you jump into a program thinking you'll be having cheques handed to you, then you got another thing coming. If thats your mindset then you'll think every money making opportunity out there is a scam.

It means they need to do more work for you, rather then leaving 10,000 bottles of Gerry Berry's Blueberry Blast on your doorstep, expecting you to sell it before it's 5 month expiry date lapses.

The qualities of a good MLM program have emerged, and those that know where to look can actually find MLM programs that work, and work well. There is equality in the program where those at the bottom are rewarded for their work, not just those above them.

Qualities of a good MLM program include

-A product that actually sells like water in a desert - Finding these are hard, but a must if you're to make it.

-You don't sell the product, the company does. All you have to do is send people to a video on the net, or bring them to a meeting.

-A structured program that sets a cap on the success of those at the top. It's very unfair when the guys at the top only need to get a few hundred people which then bring people and they bring people then the person at the top get commissions on it all. No, a 5 generation cap is best. That means that you still need to continue to bring people to make money.

-A good support team with lots of information. A website full of products that will help you get people to the videos or meeting where the selling is done.

- And a new program. Don't jump into some program that his been around a while. Chances are you're fighting over leftovers after the industry has been swamped. The MLM Program has to be relatively new and the industry has to be new. Best is when the MLM program created a new niche in an industry, or a new industry itself. That means there is zero competition from other MLM companies. Jump in while it's fresh!

These tips are essential if you are to make it in an MLM program. Don't just skimp over MLM programs thinking they are all schemes. People ARE making money on these programs or they would have died out a long time ago, and it's not just the creators. The creators only make money when the people using the program are making money. Their sellers are their customers and we all know that business survives when the customers are happy.

The old "Pyramid Schemes" died out, but a new species of Multi Level Marketing has arisen, and most include these qualities. Jump on the boat before its gone, and start making some money on an MLM.

Cuyler Callahan is a enthusiastic internet marketer who loves making the moola online. It gives him a rush and he loves talking about it. If you want to learn how to make it online check out his website at and start making money like him today.

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