Tuesday, September 2

Bum Marketing In A Nutshell

Many internet capitalists and enterprising webmasters realize the worth of article marketing

Visualize this: the moment an article is forwarded to an article listing, it can lifted up by numerous online and offline publications.  And since such writing piece cannot be reprinted without indicating the associated resource box, you'd be able to reveal your URL to a lot of persons.

But here's the thing: article marketing is a duty.  You will have to compose and present at least 4 pieces of writing every week just to be competitive.

But what if you don't have the time to  compose and present compositions that regularly?

Is there a simpler strategy to accomplish these?

You're blessed!  There is actually a comparatively fresh way that swears to place your website in the number one page of SERPs just by submitting one composition - indeed, just ONE article - to one, two or three article indexes.

This technique is named Bum Marketing, and it was invented by a new online marketer named Travis Sago.  When it was first released towards the last part of 2006, it made quite an effect in the world of eCommerce, and for nice reasons at that.

So what is Bum Marketing and how, exactly, does it operate?

Bum Marketing starts with the choice of the right keywords.  Nothing new you might think?  Consider again.  We're not just searching for any keywords.  We're looking  for a saying that people  really utilize to search for figures online, where such expression dominates a lot of explorations but is supplied by just a number of websites.

For instance, you have picked the issue "dog training."  The topic directs thousands upon thousands of searches everyday.  However, the exact keywords of "dog training" carries millions o web pages in the search engines.

The subject is very common.  If you use the keywords as they are, you won't be able to get many visitors for your page. 

The solution?  You need to confine it.

"How to guide your dog to fetch the broadsheet," the exact key phrase, collects a mere 300,000 web sites.  This figure is easy to dominate!

The next thing you need to accomplish is to compose an article that will consist the key words above.  The key phrase should emerge at least thrice for each 100 words of text.  A 250 to 1,000 word article will do.

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