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How to Build a Profitable eBay Affiliate Web Site

There is an exciting and easy to use PHP script that has been on the market for a while called Build A Niche Store, better known as BANS. This script will allow you to make a niche website selling products through eBay’s affiliate programs. eBay, in my opinion, has one of the best affiliate programs, with payouts of 50% of eBay’s revenue. BANS lets you create your own eBay affiliate website very quickly, and you do not have to carry inventory or ship any products. Moreover, your site looks like an eBay page, and you have the option to customize it even further as well. The script comes with 8 or 9 template styles for you to customize, but I personally do not use them. There are individuals making BANS templates that are very inexpensive, often in the $10.00 to $15.00 range, and most of them are really attractive. In addition, you can further monetize your site by placing other affiliate banners or text in the sidebars There are many arguments and opinions on placing Google Adsense on these sites, and my personal opinion is not to do so. I'll explain why a little later in the article.

Before you begin your first, or any site, let me add a word of caution based on my experience. I have been using BANS for about 10 months, and the absolute most important thing you must do first is to research the product niche and keywords that you will use to promote. Don't pick a niche just because a certain keyword has 10,000 searches a month, for instance. Your competition is going to be intense and it is doubtful that you will place in the top 10 on a Google search for that particular search term in your lifetime. Do the research and look for those lower number of searches, but still high enough to warrant putting up a web site. My own rule of thumb now is at least 50 searches a day and under 50,000 competing sites. Three or four of my first sites that I put up, my research, or lack thereof, was not done properly and I chose keywords that were far too competitive, and as a result, the sites don't do well at all. I'll work on those later...I enjoy working on new sites right now and average one new site each week. Also, and extremely important, is to get your site linked with inbound links as early and quickly as possible. I have not done any reciprocal linking with my BANS sites, and have had some indexed in about 10 days, using other methods of linking.

After you do extensive and proper research and find a niche, then it is time to purchase a domain name, and not before. Try to get a domain name that contains your primary keyword, and yet is easy to remember. I personally only purchase .com or .net TLD's, and it usually isn't difficult to find a .com. Often times, when those names and the many variations of your primary keyword aren't available, that particular niche might be too saturated. The next thing you have to do is find a web host that works well with BANS. I had to change several of my early sites as they didn't function properly with the hosting company. The two hosts that I use now for BANS are Bluehost and Hostgator, with Bluehost being my favorite. They have everything that you need for BANS Ver. 3, and setup is extremely easy. I'm not an affiliate of either one, so this is a Free plug for them.

A word of caution here! As you read various articles and squeeze pages from some BANS affiliates, you need to put it all in perspective. If they say that they are making a $1,000.00 a week consistently with 10 sites, they generally are guilty of embellishment (Trying to be kind). My own personal goal is to average $2.00 a day per site. As you put up more BANS sites, which is the main idea, by shear volume, you will then have a nice residual income. There are a small number of individuals that really hit on an undiscovered and lucrative niche, and hit it big, but thus far mine are very close to hitting the goals. BANS affiliates were previously serviced by Commission Junction which worked very well. eBay decided to set up eBay Partners Network (EPN), and administer their own affiliate program. Some individuals felt that they weren't getting credit for all of their clicks and sales, and filed complaints. I watched mine closely and I feel that it was a very smooth transition for me, with no apparent problems. There just isn't sufficient space here to tell you all of the benefits of BANS, and the income potential if you really work at it. I could probably write a book on my experiences with BANS, but perhaps another day.

As I mentioned above, regarding not placing Google Adsense on a Bans's site, there have been many instances of sites being de-indexed by Google, for being a thin affiliate site. However, I think the de-indexing was due more to the lack of relevant content on the site, and not so much the Google Adsense. After all, if you strip out the affiliate eBay pages, what's left if you have no relevant content? Until I am able to study this further, I will err on the side of caution, and not use Google Adsense. I have been placing five to ten relevant articles on each Bans site, plus obtaining inbound links from directories & social bookmarking, & thus far all is well.

After a review of the Bans script, and as a user for about ten months, I endorse this product and have no hesitation in recommending it. When you purchase the program, you also have full use of their excellent forum, where free help and advice is always available. Additionally, you will find services and templates available from other members, at very low prices. The actual cost of the Bans program is very reasonable in price, and that cost can be recovered very quickly by a few eBay sales. Don't delay, join many others that have set up eBay stores and are enjoying a nice income.

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