Sunday, September 28

Web Design The Easy Way

For any new business a web site is a vital aspect of marketing that can not be avoided. In fact there are many businesses which exist solely on the Internet. Many people are tempted to start an online business but are put off by the expense of having a web site built by a professional web site designer. The shock may have even given you second thought on starting a business but this article takes a look at the world of web design with a view to building your first web site at little or no cost using free services, software and templates.

One of the main reasons why professional web design is so expensive is that a professional web site really is expensive to create. Not only do you have to cover the wages of the highly trained designer but the company has other costs such as office expenses. Even if the web designer works from home he will be using software and hardware, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, graphics tablets and the likes, that is really rather expensive. You will be pleased to hear that not all things related to web design are expensive some are cheap and some are even free, furthermore such tools can be used to create complex and large sites.

Finding the cheap or free alternatives is as simple as a search on your favorite search engine. Simply search for "web design freeware" or "web design shareware", the difference between the two types is that one is free whereas the other requests a small payment for use (especially if the software is being used commercially). You will find a massive selection of web building tools are available and many are so good that some professionals use them!

Now upon downloading your first web design software you will see that many have WYSIWYG interfaces with drawing tools making it possible to simply draw your web site. However you will need to learn a little about the programming languages used in web design, HTML & CSS. Even basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will help greatly.

If building a web site from scratch using HTML and CSS is a little daunting then you can search the Internet for free web site templates or free css templates. You will be amazed at the quality of some of these designs which can be easily tweaked to perfectly match your web design requirements.

If even this method is a little too complicated for you there is another alternative which is one of the most popular ways in which to build a web site - blogs. Whatever topic you want your web site to be about you can be sure that a blog is highly suitable as the Internet has blogs about virtually everything possible.

The really great thing about blogs is that they are free, yes, get that, this amazing web building tool is offered for free! Well not all the time but the most popular, Wordpress and Blogger, are free to use. You are given a small amount of web space to store your posts (pages) and images and the whole process of building a blog is so easy that children do it. The interface is rather like a word processor, you simply type in the text for the page and hit publish and the page is immediately created.

Of course the free blogs are rather basic with some limitations but as your knowledge increases you can upgrade some to include extra facilities and more web space. However it is really not that complicated to change the design of your blog and, if you have downloaded the blog software (Wordpress is best) to install on your own free web space (very easy to install) then you can take advantage of the many free Wordpress themes and templates available.

Remember building your first web site can be as easy as searching for freeware, shareware, free web templates etc. so what is stopping you, why don't you get started on a site today? Take a Look at

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