Monday, September 8

You can have your own affordable online success

When you consider starting a business you always think about the costs involved. The level that you pitch in will be determined by your budget and the potential of your online money making machine.

There are however good and affordable online success methods that can be started up on a shoe string budget. I will use £00.00 as an imaginary budget to use on starting your own online business empire. I hope it will be enough. Where would you spend this and why?

You need to research a theme or niche that your website will focus on. The internet is full of top quality software and information that we can use to keep our spending as low as possible. Wordtracker is the best trial software to use to complete your keyword research with, and Google's free Keyword Tool is worth trying too.. So do your research to find a niche that has people looking for answers.

Then you need to find a product to sell to your niche. I recommend that you produce your own product in the form of an ebook that speaks to the needs of your niche. I always send my ebooks out as PDFs. You can convert a word document to a pdf using one of the many free pdf converters available, and also copy them to CD if you want to add value and send a physical product.

Now you have a niche and a product work on some sales copy to sell your ebook. Make it a long story about how you can solve the problem that your visitor has. The hosting and website will be taken care of by Blogger or Wordpress for no cost.....The sites are easy to manage and you can set them up in minutes.

To take payments you can use a buy now button from PayPal. The buy now buttons are quick and quite simple to arrange and PayPal will not charge you for this. When you start making sales they take a percentage of the sale price. You now have your own internet business

So you have managed to find your niche. You also have a new product to sell. The sales page is set up on blogger and you have a way of receiving your payments. Have you noticed that I still have to spend your hard earned £00.00. What to do eh? Now I think I would call that affordable online success.

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