Wednesday, October 15

Automated Signups For Brute Force SEO

Newly announced feature for Brute Force SEO

Early today I received an email from the Briute Force SEO team. Pete was writing about the new software that he is adding to Brute Force SEO at the moment. Peter has uploaded a video that shows the basics of the new tools.

Pete's new software: Brute Force SEO Web 2.0 Account Creator looks pretty useful, it enables users to rapidly set up new accounts with a whole host of Web 2.0( user generated content) sites. Four types of site are covered by the software.
1. Social Network Sites
2. Rss feed directories (Not yet including my own RSS Aggregator site though)
3. Video Uploading Sites
4. Article Directories

I think this will be a very useful addition to the tools in BruteForce SEO. A concern I felt was that there was no proxy facility through which to make signups but if Web 2.0 sites are used corectly this should not be needed. Only if one is heavily spamming Web 2.0sites where multiple signups are required but I do not abuse them.

This is a tool that will, if maintained by the Brute Force team, make life a lot easier.
My only query is that as Pete adds more and more tools I can see the price climbing higher and higher - with the amount of stuff in there I can imagine a scary price but at the same time Pete knows his market so I am sure he will offer a mass market price and, for sure, 1000 users is quite a lot of people, that said I can see initial signups going pretty fast.

I'd urge readers of this article to sign up to the Brute Force early bird notification list as Peter has said that his next email will outline how to make sure of a place on Brute Force, no matter how busy sales get. He will almost certainly offer launch special prices.

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