Thursday, October 30

Brute Force SEO: An Early Review

Brute Force SEO: A name to conjure with.
The name 'Brute Force SEO' suggests a product that may be a help with search engine optimisation but is neither refined nor subtle.

Peter Drew is making some claims for BruteForce SEO that hardly subtle, but the imagary is pretty refined.

His website at is, at the time of writing, pretty bare apart from an earlybird signup form ( I recommend signing up ) and a link to the feature set of the software.

A maximum of 500 memberships are available; joining the early bird notification list is thus worthwhile.

Anyhow, the tools
What does Brute Force SEO actually do?

It seems as though Brute Force SEO is built from the tools he has been selling to eager internet marketers for the past few months. I will go into more detail shortly but in essence the system is designed to create basic sites on a number of host sites, what some people call ‘parasite hosting’.

When the sites have been created a linking structure is set up so that each page can expect to rank well in its own right as well as linking, ultimately to the money pages.

Next the system submits all the rss feeds from the original site and the newly created ones to some 20 rss aggregators, this helps with getting spider activity to the new pages.
Next the articles added to BFS are syndicated to a network of article directories where they will be read and, hopefully, re-published onward.
If any video has been added to the system then Brute Force SEO will forward it to 20 video directories.

Apart from actually adding the site content to the system almost all the foregoing is hands-off. Of course where captchas are needed to show that a human is at work then we users need to do some work.

Pete reckons that setting up an entire network of sites using Brute Force SEO will take about 30 minutes, I have not yet had chance to test this claim.)

A point to note is that BruteForce SEO can handle several projects at once so one can spend a morning setting up several networks, interrupted only by the need to add captchas and review progress.

Domination of Google results with Pete's software seems plausible. Using manual techniques I have gotten similar resutls to BruteForce SEO. A significant warning to potential users is this: I got to be among the top affiliates for some high profile launches without an email list by using some techniques similar to those used by Pete, however I was doing it without website competition from major marketers. I always thought this very lazy and have made very good bank from their short sightedness, but I can only imagine what would happen if a substantial portion of the users of Brute Force SEO all latched onto the same product or launch.
In my opinion users will need to work to find appropriate niches and make careful choices about which products to support, or to accept that in the final analysis, even a tool such as Brute Force SEO needs skill and care to get the best from it.

It is worth noting that some of Pete's products have not worked as well as buyers hoped. I do not think this will be a problem because Brute Force SEO is built using established components and, because it is a flagship product, Pete’s good name is on the line!

When I found out about Brute Force SEO I joined the early bird notification list because I could see potential in the offering. Success will still need some skill and attention to detail but if the software functions as it should then folks who learn the potential of the software will have an advantage over their competitors.

Please sign up and take a look whilst it is still possible!

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