Thursday, October 9

Brute Force SEO Review (part one)

Brute Force SEO Video

One concept can be identified by many newcomers to internet marketing and SEO as being the most wanted. It's been around for a while and will continue to be so.
That theme is that of the Big Red Button or sometimes the ‘Big Green Button’. A one touch solution is what many people require.
Many have tried to build a system like this. One that minimises work and skill but incorporates knowledge and skill in its deployment so that people can earn large amounts of money.

Many probably remember and used Traffic Equalizer and similar products and perhaps bought into less successful imitators.

Now Pete is aiming at the target. The question is this: Has he got what it takes wrapped up in the form of his Brute Force SEO

At the moment we do not have a great deal of hard info to go on but what we have is pretty positive.
First, Pete is doing things that I already know work - I have used the techniques myself. That means his toolbox simply has to deliver what he claims because the strategies and techniques DO work.
Let me explain…

A couple of years ago I came up with a set of tactics that enabled me to earn very good money from certain kinds of product launches. I was able to take over search engine rankings for a whole raft of keywords that I KNEW prospects and buyers of these products would be using. I was showing my friends Google pages where I had 16 out of the first 20 results. If you wanted a review on a product that I was promoting then you were going to visit one of my pages!

My own system, profitable as it was, was almost completely manual and took ages to set up.

Peter Drew, a few months ago, started selling software that made it easy to do things that I was doing by hand. I bought each one as Peter launched them. As he sold the individual packages I was asking myself when he would package them up as a single product.

All that, he just did - and more besides. It is called Brute Force SEO

My next article will go into greater detail about Brute Force SEO.

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