Friday, October 3

Collecting Antique Mantle Clocks- A Great Hobby

Mantle clocks are a good way to add beauty and sophistication to your home or to your collection. Collecting mantle clocks can be a fun and rewarding hobby for anyone, however, it can be a very costly hobby if you have a taste for expensive mantle clocks. There are mantle clocks in every style to suit everyone's pocketbook, but watch out for the reproductions, novelty or modern day clocks, and those that aren't antiques at all. When your goal is to collect antique mantle clocks, you must research the topic, including the kinds of clocks available and a possible budget for your purchases.

Cuckoo clocks, alarm clocks and grandfather clocks are examples of the various kinds of antique mantle clocks you might consider buying. Limiting what you are looking for will help you decide whether you wish to add a particular mantle clock to your own collection. Ideally each piece in your collection should have something unique about it while also complementing every other piece that you have. You do not want to find yourself asking what one piece in the group has to do with all of the other items, nor be embarrassed by another collector that you are showing your collection to. You may be at an auction where there is a bargain on a rare Mickey Mouse antique mantle clock, but why buy it if it does not fit in with your other pieces? However, if the auction price is very low, and you plan to sell it, it's a different story.If you're thinking of buying a new piece, consider how it may fit in with your collection and the overall goals you have for collecting mantle clocks.  

Lots of people agree that collecting antique mantle clocks can be be enjoyable and even make them some money, too. This can be possible, but there are some mistakes which you will want to avoid. First, since this type of collection is very popular, many replicas or copies of well-known pieces exist that you need to look out for. Some are so similar to the original that it can be hard to tell the difference, especially if you are a novice. Do extensive research before you buy a particular mantle clock, read the fine print, both online and in books or magazines before you purchase an expensive piece. It would be terrible to believe that you have found a true bargain only to find out you purchased an expensive knockoff. If you can, hire a professional appraiser to estimate the value of the antique mantle clock before spending money on it.

You are not likely to find a unique antique mantle clock online or at a garage sale, at least not one that cannot also be found elsewhere. While it is possible, it is more likely that there other places to find it. If you are sure that one particular piece is what you want to purchase, investigate pricing and options for buying it before going ahead. You may discover the very same thing -- maybe a clock even in better condition and for less money is for sale somewhere else. The only way you will know is if you investigate. Have fun collecting antique mantle clocks, but, recognize the many pitfalls that might face you as a novice, and do your research before you buy a mantle clock, especially a costly item.

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