Sunday, October 5

Free niche articles and how to use and rewrite plr articles content

Finding a constant supply of articles to put on your blog or in article directories can be very difficult after your early enthusiasm begins to wane. The usual way to go about this is purchase plr content or even free niche articles and use these as the basis for rewriting. You mustn't use unchanged plr content because google will just ignore it as duplicate content. One skill to grasp early on in your writing career is that of quickly rewriting plr articles.

 Using free Niche articles

If you are really efficient you can even get paid to write articles on the web but you have to pretty much rewrite the plr material. If I am looking to make money with my articles I usually write them myself as originals rather then rewrite plr content. So the best use for plr articles in my opinion is to partially rewrite them and use them on your own websites. If you are looking to get paid to write articles on the web then I would always write original content.

 How to use and rewrite plr articles

Article writing instructions are few and far between so here are a few tips on article writing when you want to rewrite plr articles.

 Make sure the article actually makes sense as it stands. If the starting plr content is of poor quality you might as well throw it out as it will not help you. It doesn't have to be a work of art.

Rewrite the first and last articles completely. You should ensure you include the relevant keywords that you are writing about. For the remainder you can just use word replacement for a word each sentence. 

The last of my article writing instructions is to make sure your article leads the reader to take the action you need. If you are looking for a click on a link make sure it stays relevant


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