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Get More Affiliate Earning with 5 Simple Tips to Newbie Affiliate Marketing Success

The economy is really getting to most people now. This is not an American problem anymore. It is affecting the entire world. Yesterday, Lehman Brothers closed their doors and as I watched the news, I saw executives with boxes of personal stuff coming through the doors for the last time. Some say, when interviewed, that they did not see this coming.

Once the housing market started going down, it was a certainty that this too would follow. So people are frantically looking for a means to replace their income and the Internet is the driving force. But what do you do when you have relied on a weekly income by a company to now rely on something so much more uncertain.

If you are new to the Internet, you will have to know that there are Internet Marketers that have already secured their place in the market. However, that does not mean that you cannot find your own niche. In fact, that is how you will be successful online and finding your own niche is the key.

Your next step is to become an affiliate, which means that you are going to sell somebody else’s product. You have no time to create your own especially if you are at the point of desperation.

However, there are 5 simple questions that you must ask yourself before you begin to tread on this holy ground:

1. What kind of value does the product have?

You want to sell a product that you can put your reputation on. You don’t want to sell something that you cannot stand on. So do your research and find out if the product owner has a valid refund policy and how many average monthly refunds have been received.

2. Is this an automated program?

You want to be involved with an affiliate program that you don’t have to provide any type of customer support. You also want to have good marketing resources from the product owner. You want to market a digital product that customers can easily download upon purchase. You want to get paid automatically and be rewarded for the sales that you make.

3. Is it possible to earn residual income?

I do market other programs that are not residual, but I find that these are only one time purchases. You may not see that customer again. However, residual income, which is also called passive income, is better because once you get that customer and the customer is satisfied with the product or service, this will be your customer for as long as they stay subscribed and you get commissions from what they pay monthly over and over again. It is quite similar to an insurance salesman. Once he or she sells that policy, they gain residual income for the lifetime of the customer. The Internet also has affiliate programs with residual income opportunities.

Life Time Commissions is an affiliate directory that lists a variety of different residual income. You can search for the name online.

4. Is the product something that I would enjoy selling or believe in?

If you have knowledge about something, you are more apt to want to present it to someone. It is like watching a movie and loving the movie so much that you tell everyone you know about the movie and you are not even getting paid to do that. Can you imagine getting the word out for something that you really enjoy or like? This is how you should choose your affiliate product because it will make you want to stay committed and focused in your marketing efforts.

5. Is there any assistance or support provided?

A lot of affiliate product owners do not provide email support, but they provide a log in website that you can go to find marketing materials as well as post a support ticket with any questions or comments. Not all of them do this. So if you are the kind of person that wants to be hand-held, you may want to look into other means of support such as specific niche forums. You can actually go to forums and post your questions and there are always people who are willing to answer them. You will also learn a lot from the forum and get great marketing tips and advice in your online business.

So if you are a newbie affiliate and want to enter the Internet marketplace for the first time, you don’t have to be afraid. There are a lot of willing marketers that want to give back because they have been where you are at right now. The search engine is a good tool for you to search for whatever you need. Explore the horizons of the Internet. It may be that the door that was just closed end up to be a blessing. Sometimes, we get too comfortable in our JOBS and doors have to be closed for us to take chances and grab other opportunities for growth. This might be one of them.

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