Monday, October 20

InfoGoRound Review – Is Bryan Winter InfoGoRound PLR Membership Scam?

InfoGoRound is probably one of the first private label article memberships I remembered. It was started by Bryan Winters who recognized webmasters and online marketers needed a constant supply of articles that are well written and they can put their name on.

What Does InfoGoRound Provide?

In a word, private label articles and ebooks. The cost is only $24.95 per month and there is a way which I will explain later how you can join InfoGoRound without even paying a cent per month.

Here is what you will get each month with InfoGoRound. 200 to 250 private label articles organized into 12 to 15 niche topics. 2 private label ebooks, one exclusively written for InfoGoRound and the other is a public domain ebooks. You also get professionally written sales letter and graphics (banners, ebook covers etc) which you can modify as well.

There are also some other tools such as a newsletter generator, a site builder exclusive to InfoGoRound members and a private forum.

What´s So Special About InfoGoRound?

InfoGoRound also has an extensive library of private label articles contributed by members and the staff of InfoGoRound. There are thousands of niche private label articles covering almost any niche possible and you can request for one to be written if the niche topic you want is not covered.

This is also where as a member, you can skip paying the monthly membership fee. All you have to do is contribute a private label article of about 500 words and if it is approved, you get that month´s fee waived. It is not terribly difficult to get approved, just good grammar and spelling and if you can´t even write one article a month, then get a freelance writer to write for you for 5 dollars an article.

Considering you can get hundreds of private label articles plus the tools for free each month, this is one PLR membership site I still retain all these years.

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