Sunday, November 30

Article Marketing Automation for Links

Most website owners count on article marketing for the purpose of receiving links.  They send in articles to a widespread bunch of article directories.  Because Google disapproves of duplicate content, huge numbers of submitted articles aren’t destined to be added to the index, removing the intent of submission to to several directories.  Article Marketing Automation primarily consists of a ever growing array of sites that writings are published to.  Upon the addition of a blog to the AMA system, you can select the post categories you want to receive, so no worries that your car blog will be attacked by health posts.   If you’re lazy, all you have to do stand easy and notice the websitewill fill automatically with content.

Upon sending in your article, you choose categories, post distribution start date, and tags.  You can spin the title, words and phrases in the body,  links, and text of the anchor.  It's super powerful.  What is spinning?  Using multiple levels of delimiters you can allow for an array of unique phrases. After you finish pasting in your submission, it will prompt for sentence re-writes, such that you are able to re-write the sentence by up to 10 separate alternates.  The time used creating as much variation as you are able is clearly worthwhile.  It results in totally variable posts over varying sites and blog types with no duplicate content and huge numbers of new, keyword focused links.  After submittal, the posts are drip-fed into the AMA network such that backlinks are publishedseemingly randomly.

The cost free version of Article Marketing Automation enables you add websites to have published posts.  You can use this membership to maintain websites someone else posts entries for.  It's but a tiny subset of the ultimate benefit of the system.  Because one may do anything to the posts you get except borrow them for other sites or modify the given links, this means you are able to monetize them with ads, add other affiliate links, etc.

The pay membership  of Article Marketing Automation enables  you to post your own entries  with up to 3 backlinks of your own choosing.  The free version will get you submissions, but the paid variant  nets you backlinks  and is able to be used for linking your own sites.  Undoubtedly this is where you generate the primary benefit.  At $47 on a monthly basis, you definitely must ensure you are writing and spinning articles, since otherwise you are wasting your investment.  I’d be happy if this Article Marketing Automation review was useful to you.

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