Friday, November 14

The best way to write your online aritcles

Anyone can turn their hand to writing online articles and it is great for beginners not sure how they are going to set up their online empire. Articles are very useful to help you make money and gain backlinks to your websites. The simplest of these is to set up a website that is built up around a tight niche. For example I would choose cheap home insurance ahead of the large insurance niche. You will not be able to get much web traffic using these top keywords. For other keywords that have less traffic you will get more attention from people searching on the internet. So here are some easy tips on article writing with adsense income in mind.

Keep to one subject

When you are building an adsense web site you must keep it on one subject. Adsense web sites that try to capture visitors from a wide range of subjects will distract a visitor and ultimately they will not get very high click through rates. You should always keep the topic of your article on one subject only.

How to write an article and say one thing

You will be writing on just one aspect of your niche. You should ensure that the article is well written and has a good flow of ideas from start to finish. To do this I find a lot of keywords that say almost the same thing. So if I had a website on saucepans I could look at cast iron saucepans as the topic for one article. My keywords terms could be.

Cast iron saucepans

Antique cast iron saucepans

Cast iron pots

Cooking with cast iron

Using cast iron saucepans,


If you consider how you could use these keywords you will see how they could all work together in a successful article. By having a good group of keywords your article becomes easy to write. If you do not really know how to write an article, then try this method.

Write a natural looking resource box

Most articles you write will be submitted to an article directory. One of my top tips on article writing is to write a good resource box that follows on from the article without a break. When the article is displayed on the page there is no “box” for the resource section. So make the content flow on from the last paragraph. Just put in your 2 links to your adsense website so that you get those clicks.

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