Thursday, November 6

Brute Force SEO Early Birds Get The Worm

Brute Force SEO is almost ready to launch.
I have been watching the pre-launch process for some weeks now it has been quite impressive. It is possible to suggest that the launch started back when he offered the first of his page building tools - you know the ones that make WordPress, Geocities and other WEB 2.0 pages.
I bet his strategy, from the outset, was to launch an integrated product - a BadAss SEO system. If I am correct then I have to say that I prefer the Brute Force SEO moniker!

Anyway, one of the more noteworthy parts of this process has been that he has been enrolling early bird list signups as affiliates.

Why is this important?

Simply this, Peter is offering that every person who signs up as an affiliate to Brute Force SEO will be offered a low price for the membership to the system. These early affiliates will also get to make a profit on their sales.
Problem is that he is limiting the number of affiliate slots (and early bird signups) to just 1000 people.
So, in order to get an assurance of the lower price subscription you need to sign up as a Brute Force SEO affiliate - simply signing up for the early bird notification list is not enough!

Today Pete sent out an email telling us that of the 1000 affiliate slots only 200 are still open. This means that even if you already signed up to the early bird list that you really should register on the Brute Force SEO affiliate list while you can.

To sign up you simply need to go to Brute Force SEO for info and sign up as an affiliate. You need to pay one dollar through PayPal and this registers you on his affiliate system - you get immediate payouts of affiliate fees with no withholding period.

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