Friday, November 14

Choosing keywords that will work better for your website

Choosing good keywords for your websites is a skill that all online marketers need to master. If you build up webpages without checking that they have relevance to what people are looking for then they will not always be able to find your information. The type of website you own and what you want people to do when they visit should be taken into account as this will affect how you choose keywords.

Someone looking for more knowledge in a specific niche is different to someone looking for a defininte product. One website will have information while the other has a specific product for download. Now if the information website has the relevant information on video then you may be able to sell the information but you have to catch people who are looking for your information.

This is how you should use the keywords. The choice of the right keywords will enable you to target specific visitors to your website. When it comes down to it there are 2 basic methods for choosing good keywords. You can pay for a keyword research tool such as wordtracker. This will very quickly give you search results and competition for keywords. The second way id to use the google external keyword tool with search count to work out the good keywords. This method will take you a lot longer but it is free.

Finding good keywords means that you must find phrases that have high search numbers with low website competition. For very small niches this will be quite easy. But for large niches such as fitness and health they can be very hard to find. I look for search volume above 600 per month and with less than 30,000 websites competing for the keyword phrase. If you use these keywords in your website content then more people will find your pages through searching.

This is a bit of an oversimplification of a big topic. You can find more answers to the question how do I choose good keywords for my website by going to the mega article website.

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