Saturday, November 1

How to use free niche articles on your blog

One problem bloggers have is that of always coming up with fresh content. In the early days this is very easy as you have lots to say and the enthusiasm of starting a new blog. In time you will need to start using othere peoples written articles as you will need more inspiration.

Free niche articles are a good way to find more content but you must use them correctly to get the best from them.

Where to find free niche articles

You will do this by joining in with the online community in the internet marketing field. Join the many forums and start posting and helping. There will be many people with articles and free ebooks that they are quite happy to give away. Soem times they will have a small charge of a few dollars.

What to do with PLR articles.

Once you have a plr article you must rewrite it so that it becomes unique content. You will waste your time if you post free articles without changing the content to some degree. To rewrite a plr article you must change the first and last paragraphs and change one words per sentence in the rest of the article. This will make it different enough in most cases to get ranked as a unique page.

Another way to use a pool of articles is to mix a few of then together to end up with one quality article. This type of hybrid article can be good enough for almost any use. I find articles that are quite similar in topic to use this way. Remember these are free content articles so you need to be creative with them.

Using keywords in free niche articles

One further step I do is to ensure that I put in a good keyword in the title. The keyword will also go into the main article a couple of times as well as becoming a tag.

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