Tuesday, November 4

How to write an article and earn money with online writing activities

There are more and more online gurus joining in with the huge number of online article writers in the last year. Article writing is one of the easiest tasks that a complete newbie can get involved in. What some budding internet barons do not fully realise is that there is a right way and a wrong way to write a good article. Starting out on any new business is always daunting and exciting and you must look on your new article writing empire as a business project and not a hobby.

Writing articles online means that you have to know what people are searching for. If you have a superb article on geriatric skateboarding for beginners but no one is looking for this subject then it will be a non starter. To get started with article writing you must do some good research into keywords that are relevant to your topic. The google keyword tool is a very goo free tool for finding a range of valuable keywords.

Assuming that you have settled on the topic for your article you should also watch these following points. To start with put your main keywords in the headline, the first paragraph and the last paragraph. You can use terms that are only slightly different from each other and this will give your article good pulling power. The most important of my easy tips on article writing is to write good value content. Your article content must relate to the searches that people are looking for in the search engines.

As well as thinking about how you can actually write your articles you need to apply yourself to finding ways to earn money with them. I will mention the easiest way to start earning money almost immediately is to offer your services as an article writer. You can get writing work from other people online by using services like elance.com.com. Online communities and blogs can also give you a supply of customers for your articles. This is how I made my first money online. I also got some great feedback to help me become an even better writer. Just by going to the forums and asking simple questions you will find that people will help you.

In conclusion you need to realise that it is inportant to look beyond just the mechanics of how you write and article. You musr persistently and constantly put your plan into action and write and write. You will need to write lots of really good quality articles to make a decent living online.

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