Saturday, November 29

Legitimate Online Business Proving Difficult For The New Entrepreneur

A legitimate online business ought to be easy enough to set up and get going. After all, if I build it they will come, at least that's what they used to say!

Nowadays though it is just too competitive and anyone thinking that it is just a case of putting up a site or blog is either dreaming or is misinformed. To have a successful legitimate online business you will need at the least a basic understanding of web design, keyword research, SEO and online marketing.

These skills could be picked up as you muddle along but here's an important fact you need to consider:

97% of new online marketers have given up long before their second year approaches.

This is because of the massive learning curve and the cost of all the ebooks, courses and tools that are constantly pushed as the "next big thing" for the new online business hopeful.

I and many others have each paid out many hundreds of dollars on all these "must have tools" that never deliver on their promises and in the end you just cut your losses, realizing that learning everything required to let you to compete with the pro's is going to take many years rather than the few months the ebooks tell us.

It was 18 months a go that I found myself in this situation. I had been trying to make a profit for the last six months but apart from a few cents from Google Adsense I was way out of pocket and in fact it was so bad I had taken to hiding bank statements from the wife because of the amount I was wasting at Clickbank on so called "how to make money tools."

It was then I stumbled on Niches In A Box. Here was a legitimate online business that understood my requirements. Niches in a Box knew I didn't fully understand how to write articles that will rank at well at Google, how to create a sales letter with killer copy, how to create a squeeze page to capture email leads, how to create my own product that people really wanted to buy and that even if I did, I didn't know how to put all that together to create a package.

Because they understood that I and 100's of others who really wanted a legitimate online business didn't know how to do any of the preperation and research, they did it for us. Every month they give us 15 sites all built around one niche and all designed to make money on auto pilot. Everything is provided including a great ebook to sell, the sales and squeeze pages, even the 10 emails to load up the provided auto responder!

You simply use the software that's provided to upload everything to a host and your done, within 30 minutes you have your very own online cash machine and because you don't have to worry about all the site creation, creating a desirable product, keyword research etc. it allows you the rest of the month to get on with promoting your sites and blog by building links via article marketing etc.

What are you making?

I now have 18 niches up and running. The sites under six months old make between $100 and $500 each while my oldest niches earn me several thousand each. Together my Niches in a box sites make me 5 figures each and every month!

If you want a legitimate online business, you can get more info by clicking here.

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