Wednesday, November 12

Make Tons of Extra Money With Ezinearticles

No matter if you are mom that want some extra money or just some college kid who want some extra money, you definitely should try affiliate marketing with Ezinearticles. I am going to show you some effective ways to use Article Directory...

There are 3 ways you can use Ezinearticles, and this is not some make money scams that does work.

Method #2 - Write tons of articles.
You just need to do some basic keyword research, using the free keyword tools - Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool. You also need to visit the related forums to understand what is your communities' memeber's problems, write down all problems with solutions and the related keywords.

Prepare to write 40 ~ 100 articles all based on your research, just write at least 50 articles to submit into Ezinearticles, you may repeat the same topic with different title, angle and tones. Use AIDA forumula in your articles - Attention -> Interest -> Desire -> Action.

Attention - You need attention graping title.
Interest - The article must lead to your reader's interest. (Utilize problems and solutions you found in the forum during research, just like this article).
Desire - You must lead your readers emotion to desire for action.
Action - You will tell you readers to click on the link in your article or resources box. (Example: Do you want to know How To Get Search Engines to Index Your Sites in 2 Hours? Please Visit "my website" for more information).

Method #2 - Write the article following the trend and using a special angle to describe them in your article.
You know the trend of the market, you must follow them and participate in the forums, you need to know what are most people's concern and what is the solutions to the problems, use your research to create attractive articles and write them through an unique angle that will interest the publishers. You want to attract publishers to publish your articles in other websites and ezines!

You will syndicate your articles throughout all article directories, and attract as many publishers as possible. Then create your list of publishers when you keep track your article's distribution status, you can accomplish that by asking google, using your article's title. For example, "How To Fix the Vibration of The Car Engine", just type it in with quote and you will find your articles.

Method #3 - Tap into the Search Engine.
Just do more in-depth keyword research, brain storm for more related keywords, think out of the box. Use buying words such as Discount, Coupon, Buy, Purchase, Bonus and so on...

You have to write articles for all types of long tail keywords, use Excel to keep record of each articles position for the particular keyword, and write more supporting articles with the keyword anchor text that point to those approved articles from Ezinearticles, syndicate all supporting articles to all other article directories!

The Key here is to get into Search Engine first page search result, you need to create more back links for each of your articles. If you do it correctly, you will see tons of views flows into your articles and gives you tons of traffic that will make you not just extra money, but make a lot of money from each article!

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