Sunday, November 16

phpBay Pro and You

eBay is well known as a great website with a well converting affiliate program designed to assist earn cash from your blogs. Due to Google's current habit for de-indexing BANS sites, you're going to do better with a normal website that adds eBay feeds to your site, but isn't the exclusive reason for the being of your blog. BANS shows a big footprint due to the huge quantitiy of obvious affiliate sites built around it, the templating issues, and content problems, that cause it being more difficult using than different types of systems. Wade Wells' phpBay Pro fixes this problem by quickly adding eBay listings into your existing articles.It's good for you.

Installation is no big deal at all, as it installs as a standard WordPress plugin. After this, you only need to turn on the plugin and set up your intended settings. Don't forget to put in yourCampaign ID.It's a big deal -- don't forget!

At this point you simply use a simple bit of code in every posts, and voila you have eBay listings in your entries. Code inside the tags yields you the search term, the quantity of results displayed, eBay category number, and the negative terms you are using to narrow your search.  This is important.

eBay search results usually yield a high number of results. Ordinarily this will not list you the actual item you try to find, because of the unbelievable number of items sold on eBay. This is where phpBayPro’s negative search term ability comes in handy to filter out the unnecessary results.

phpBay Pro includes the obscured links feature, in order that the Goog is less likely to assume it’s found a thin affiliate site. Many BANS installations have been de-indexed because of this, so don’t forget to put some engaging additional content up additionally in order to be approved as a full fledged site instead.


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