Tuesday, November 11

Protecting your Online Marketing Business

So you've built and grown a online business with your hard work. You know the difficulty in building a successful online business and established, or new, just how many things you have to keep track of.  Only you know the endless hours of work at the beginning, the amount of money invested and the sacrifices you had to make to make your business a reality.Is it possible that all of a sudden you can lose it all?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes it can.  A minor mistake on your part can wipe out everything you have worked so hard to build and grow.I'm sure you've seen or heard of other online businesses tales of woe when viruses, server crashes, or accidental deletions have hit their sites.Let alone having a computer disaster trashing your work system (the master machine you've built everything with).

You might be doing everything right and don't have to worry about anything. But your a "One Man Band" and it's tough to know and do everything all by yourself. Especially when its comes to technical detail when your expertise is your business and not computer minutia.

How do you protect the livelyhood your business provides? Do you keep multiple copies, leave it up to your host, manually back it up. But you have several sites, on several hosts (which are likely running Linux), with the master and working copies all on your computer (which is likely is a Windows or MAC system).How do you protect the product of all your hard work?

It's simple really, use Internet Attached Storage.The most feature rich systems will handle not only your home/work systems, but dedicated servers as well... With a single login for it all allowing you to use, modify, and restore data from anywhere.You can take advantage of lowered costs because of the demand of home users for online backup.  More and more online businesses are using Internet Attached Storage for backup of their dedicated servers, shared hosts, and work/home pc's.  And for good reason.

What you need to find is a Internet Attached Storage provider with advanced features.  The features most important are that it works with Windows, MAC, and Linux (so you only have to deal with a single solution).That they efficiently use bandwidth.  That is to say, after the initial backup they only backup subsequent changes in your data.And that versioning is a default feature. Which means keeping several older versions of your files.  The last consideration is that they provide value for the dollar.  Don't be fooled by claims of "unlimited" storage at a fixed price.  You'll find out quickly that the Terms of Service for many providers let them cut you off if you store alot more than their other users.

So you can lose it all if your data (blogs, stores, websites) are destroyed by viruses, hackers, or hardware failures.  But now with Internet Attached Storage you can backup all your sites and systems with a single account easily, quickly, and affordably.

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