Tuesday, November 25

Using the Web to beat the credit crunch


With so much gloomy economic stuff in the news about financial meltdown and recession, just what can you do to beat the credit crunch?


During times like these the internet is your friend. There are many ways you can use it to save cash and have fun at the same time.


Here's my 5 top tips to beating any recession and save money


1) Shop online to save fuel. With the price of fuel so high, anything you can do to reduce trips will save you cash. Just about anything you may desire can be bought on the web – and usually at a saving to what you can find at your local retail park. If you are the type of person who insists on seeing what they're buying, then you can at least use the Net to locate the best prices, saving you money and extra journeys between stores.


2) Find yourself bargains online. Use auction sites such as Ebay and classified ad sites such as Craigslist, Gumtree (and any local ones) to find bargains – regardless of whether you are buying new or used. If you are more patient, search the more obscure auction sites too, as they can often have good bargains.



3) Use price comparison sites. For essential charges like car & household insurance, to electricity & gas suppliers, the price comparison sites will help you get the best deal on those must have necessities. Why not make a night or two of it, reviewing all your insurance & utility commitments and see just how much money you can save yourself.


4) Find discount vouchers online. If you’re going out – be it eating out , going to the cinema, bowling etc - just have a quick look online to see what discount vouchers can be had. Either do a Google search for restaurant discount voucher, or visit one of the many money saving tip websites - they nearly always have a section with details of what vouchers are available. (Just type “money saving tips” “money off voucher” etc into Google)



5) Stay in and have a dinner party. Instead of a costly evening out, why not invite friends to a dinner party at your home and ask them to bring a bottle. You can find some great party games at websites like partyplan.co.uk to make you dinner party a night to remember.


There's my 5 top tips to use the Web to save money, have fun and survive an economic slowdown. I'm sure you can think of more!



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