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Web Content Gets You Visitors and Search Engines

There is no longer any question about the fact that web content is considered to be one of the most important elements in successful search engine optimization. It is primarily the content on a given website that attracts the attention of search engines, which provide the valuable, high search engine rankings, yet also keeps visitors exploring and coming back to a website.

While virtually all search engine optimization (SEO) experts now agree about the importance of content in order to attract the attention of internet surfers and the search engines, not all of these experts agree about what constitutes "good" website content. There are those who suggest that simply having loads of free website content such as PLR articles will be sufficient to attract the attention of the search engines, especially if the content is rich in keywords that are geared toward the topic of the site.

But, a well-qualified web content advisor will most certainly argue that is the quality of the website content that is more important than simply having pages and pages of worthless articles that have keywords "stuffed" into them in an attempt to attract the search engine spiders. Even though it is true that search engines might be lured to list a site based on masses of content that is keyword rich, the fact is that the human site visitors are not fooled so easily.

A good content writer knows that to succeed in traffic building they need to keep the attention of the human beings who are visiting a website, there must be good quality content that provides the visitor with the information that they are looking for. There is a standard formula that good copywriters use to help ensure that what they are writing for the website will do the job of keeping visitors on the site, exploring it fully, and encouraging them to come back.

The formula is summed up in a four-letter anagram: AIDA. This anagram stands for the four most critical elements of good website content that every content writer should keep in mind. These elements are: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. To a new website owner looking to craft an introductory page to their website, this formula might seem intimidating.

But, if the web content writer will keep these four points in mind, while also remembering to keep the topic in mind at all times, the whole process can become rather automated and will flow easily. Gaining the attention of the website visitor can be as simple as crafting a good headline or an opening paragraph that speaks to their need or that sparks their curiosity.

Building curiosity will mean you are half where there to the formula's second part, interest. Typically, website visitors are looking to gather information to enhance their lives or to solve a problem. Provide information that fuels that interest and they will continue reading further to gain information. If you have a solution to their problem, then build their desire to learn about that solution by explaining how it has helped others with similar problems.

The final step in the AIDA formula consists of the action that the writer wants the reader to take. Whenever someone is writing persuasive content for a website, it is important to always keep in mind what the content writer ultimately wants the reader to do. Perhaps the action is to purchase a product or it could be something more subtle, such as signing up to receive an email newsletter that will deliver more related content to their inbox.

How often do you go online? You probably go on at least once a day to check email, pay bills or do some shopping. You may even use an internet dating site to connect with other singles in your area. The internet has changed how people are connected. There is a website for practically anything and everything but the most successful sites have the right web content. If you are not sure what content needs to go on your website then you are in luck. There are many resources to help you out.

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