Tuesday, November 25

What is the best strategy for Internet Marketing - Short Term or Long Term

Most frequent question with the newbies is what to take between the short term or long term. I am sure as newbie you have already wandering around the net and have seen some marketing for the short term profits and some advice on long term.

You gather information day to day and finally sitting confused. Which is the right way to go?

Relax my friend. I will try to make you clear. Let see what is short term, Long term and its pros and cons

Short term profits in internet marketing are a sudden burst of sites (ready made sites) and dropping some adsense and affiliate programmes in it. People who always teach short term teaches more of adsense sites. You may or may not aware pure adsense sites has got hit long back. Google doesn't want junk sites which is of no use to the end users.

People who advocates this concept talks about volume, more sites more money. They even go to the extent of saying register the domain for one year and dump it after a year.

What is the final effect on this? You may earn some on this with little effort. Little effort because you have readily available site builders which creates thousands of pages on a click of button with junk content or recycle content. One day you will find that your site is banned  by the search engines and do not have any visitors.

In short this concept is like building your house on the sand. No foundation and expect the worst any moment. If you lose the site all your work is gone. You have to start from scratch.

Long term stategy is similar to the above, in the sense you create a site on a niche. The difference is like building a proper house. You do your foundation strong, select the design, front view, color, number of rooms, garden, fitting and fixtures etc.

Similarly you buy a proper site builder, design your site on your own, arrange for a good site header, write articles or outsource it, do keyword research, drop some good images, at the end blend google adsense and affilate program. The main difference is you do everything on your liking, you do a proper site with value. The visitors who visits your site will have value. They become interested on you views and buy the products you suggest. This may take some time but the business is rock solid and improves day by day.

By doing this you can have three or four sites in a year. If you are thinking about the volume stop. You are focused on quality and value not volume here. When you focus on quality and value -  less is more.

This is the method I strongly believe and advocate. This can be taken as a real serious business. Develop and grow with it.

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