Wednesday, December 3

Is Veretekk Any Good?

I was asked a little while ago about my Veretekk affiliate site, and how I was getting on with their system. I would say it is a very powerful system, but takes a lot of getting used to. One difficulty, which paradoxically hides its strength, is the fact that because it does so many different things, it's quite time-consuming to set things up, and also tricky to describe easily to people who've not tried it. The fact that it contains over 40 different lead capture pages on separate domains, unlimited autoresponders, live and recorded training available every day just gives a hint of what's going on. Properly set up, the system can help improve rankings on your web site as well as track incoming traffic, and generates thousands of leads every month. If you join for free, you become a Silver member, and can stay at that level for as long as you like, but the idea is for you to be able to have a look around and find out about the system by asking questions and having a look at some tutorials. Then you can decide if it's worth the 40-odd dollars per month! Obviously there are revenue streams built in as well; not just the standard affiliate site, but several other products can be resold, many for recurring monthly income.

I think that although the site seems a bit clunky to navigate around, with strangely-sized text boxes and scrollbars around the place, the potential for SEO and lead generation with Veretekk is really good. You just need to be prepared to spend the time getting used to it and attending the regular training sessions.
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