Saturday, December 13

Newbies Guide To Craigslist

There are still some people who have no clue how to use Craigslist, even though it's been online at one form or another since 1995. These individuals are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a growing and continually evolving online community. This community is an excellent resource for finding information, finding jobs, finding friends or dates, making purchases, selling items, discussing important issues, or using it as a free and instant people search search engine. This article will provide a brief introduction to each of the major sections on Craigslist.

Community Section

The community section of Craigslist is very useful for finding a great deal of local engine finder free people search information. This can include events, activities, or lost and found. This is definitely the section to check out if you are looking for things to do or see in a particular area.

Personals Section

The Personals section is where individuals can find people for free, or romantic partners. There's a number of different sections here for both straight and gay individuals to find potential dates. Users at the age of eighteen and over are the only people able to use the personals section.

For Sale Section

This section is self explanatory. Like most sections, it is divided into a number of different categories. Each of these categories describes the types of items which are offered for sale within the category. Additionally, there is a wanted section where users may post advertisements seeking to purchase particular items. Not all of the items listed in the for sale section require a fee to be paid to receive the item. Free items are available or in a barter situation.

Jobs Section

The job section is by far the most extensive section on Craigslist. This section is broken down into a number of different categories to make it easier for users to search for potential career matches. Users may find full time as well as part time opportunities in this section as well as telecommute positions and contract positions.

Resumes Section

The resumes section enables job seekers to post their resumes. Using an eye opening headline for the resume is the key to getting noticed for this section. The resumes are not divided into different categories making it difficult for users to search through these resumes.

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