The Reason Behind 88% Failure of My Online Projects

How many campaign have you tried? Do you know why they all failed, or at least why most of them failed? Let's ask this question ourselves: How many visitors did we get for every projects? How much time do you use to setup and test run it?

If every project is below 500 unique visitors per day, you can't expect much from them...! You don't know how to get a lot of traffic? No matter what traffic strategy you are using, you either do not put enough time and effort to test it or you have done a very bad keyword findings and research!

Keyword research is the most critical thing for your projects' success! If you failed to get traffic, you are definitely failed in your keyword research...! Keyword research will tell you what your market want, and only with proper keyword research, you can identify your traffic and revenue source.

One of the proper way to do keyword research is participate in various forums of your niche, see what is the question, the keyword they use and what is the solution. The researched result can be use to get email for your opt-in, or use those keywords as the seed to get more keywords and related theme keywords!

Do you know what is keyword modifier? For example, if your keyword is registry cleaner, and the keywords from the forums might be:

1. free registry cleaner
2. regclean discount
3. regcleaner coupon
4. what is the best registry cleaner
5. registry cleaner reviews

The seed keyword in this example is "registry cleaner", "regclean" and "regcleaner". The modifier is "discount", "coupon", what is the best", "reviews" and "free". You can combine all seed keywords with the modifier to create:

1. free regclean
2. free regcleaner
3. free registyr cleaner
4. regclean reviews
5. regcleaner reviews
6. regclean discount
7. regcleaner discount
8. regclean coupon
9. regcleaner coupon
10. and there are more...

There is no limit to find the seed and modifier keywords, you should try to get as many as possible, and these are your traffic, sales and successful business online... To all of your success!

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