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Web Conferencing with WebEx MeetMeNow

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With fuel prices much higher than they were a few years ago, and the constant price increase of flying, the concept of having an online meeting rather than in person has really taken off. If you have an Internet meeting, or web conference, you have the ability to do almost everything that is possible in a face-to-face meeting, without the high cost of travel and wasted time.

WebEx is an industry leader in the web conferencing, or web meeting solution space. WebEx allows you to conduct an online meeting with anybody, anywhere in the world. You can meet with as many as 15 other meeting attendees at once, and all you need to attend an Internet meeting is a decent Internet connection.

If you find yourself always having to travel to meet with customers or coworkers, you need to look into finding out if a web teleconferencing solution can eliminate some, if not all, of the need for you to travel. With the ability to share your computer screen with all of the meeting attendees, and the chance to talk about important items via the telephone or video teleconferencing, WebEx MeetMeNow gives you the ability to conduct meetings without needing to travel.

WebEx MeetMeNow ramps up your productivity by giving you the ability to stay at home, or in your office, but still have the ability to meet with important customers and coworkers. When you meet via the Internet with WebEx MeetMeNow, you can share presentations, computer programs, or work together on special projects, with anybody, in the world, all without having to leave your office.

If you find it tiring always moving across the country, you should investigate a webconference solution such as WebEx to see if you can eliminate the majority of your travel with it. Not only will you save time and money if you don’t have to travel, but you also can get back some of your sanity by not constantly being on the go.

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