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Making A Good Living On The Internet Requires Lots Of Traffic

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It is no secret that in order to make a good living on the Internet you have got to have traffic. It is common knowledge and it is something that you know you have to obtain but you don't necessarily know how to get. The reason you built a web site in the first place was to maybe sell products, like a Rainbow vacuum performance power nozzle. More than likely you have spent numerous hours trying to build the perfect web site. You may have used MS Word or any of the many other publishers to build your web site.

If you can manage to get large amounts of traffic you will be able to convert them into paying customers. At least that is the hope of most web masters. Some of the larger web sites that have been created at great expense over the years have fallen by the wayside. However, there are many small sites that have done quite well selling things like the Rainbow vacuum.

By using Google Adwords you can zero in on your primary audience. Let's say that you have a web site that sells Rainbow vacuum parts, given a choice, which would you rather have, one thousand visitors per day of a general nature searching for everything under the sun or one hundred visitors looking specifically for vacuum cleaners. My choice would be the one hundred or so unique visitors looking for the cleaners. Simply because my conversion ratio would be much higher.

Are You Spending Lots Of Money To Make Money

We have all heard the saying, "You Have To Spend Money To Make Money". While not always the truth, it does have application when it comes to using the advertising service that Google has called Adwords. I've used Adwords on a continuing basis for several years now and I would have to say that I have spent a lot of money. But the flip side is that I have made more sales than I would have. In other words, I took in more money than I put out.

"You can never go wrong making a profit" is what the former student of Glenn Turner, James E. Tolleson and his brother Rodney Tolleson said. This is true, with one caution. If you spend one thousand dollars in advertising and make one thousand dollars, you have made a good investment. if you spend one thousand dollars to run ads and only make one hundred dollars in profits your risk reward ratio is too high.

What is the correct risk reward ratio? Well, that is something you will have to decide. I like a three to one ratio. If I can spend one thousand dollars on ads I'd like to see a three thousand dollar profit.

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