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When Is A Website Ready For Business

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You seemed to have spent all the time needed to learn the effective SEO techniques to draw customers to you and your business.The moment of truth arrives and your potential customer finally clicks on your website link.So what's next?Are they really going to like what they find? Are they going to easily find what they're looking for

Website Open For Business

In theory, they have just walked inside the front door of your store.That's right, it's very important that you compare your website to an actual store. Is everything on your site clean and organized, or is messy and cluttered?

How many times have you walked into a store, and turned right around and walked out because it was very unorganized or a mess?I know I have done that a time or two.If your website gives a bad first impression to the customer, they won't have to even turn around and walk out.All they need to do is click the "back" button, and they're out on their way to another site.And you will more than likely never see them back again!

Many websites that give you a bad first impression, have issues that could have been easily avoided. A broken link is a fairly common error, but a sign of sloppiness.Seeing little the red "x's" where a graphic or picture should appear is another common problem that could be easily addressed.

Website Organization

Does your site maintain the good look, feel and functionality of most browsers?Do you upset your potential customer with those pop-ups that won't go away, hard to read text, or flashing graghics?

And sometimes a site that looks great in Internet Explorer, doesn't maintain that look or functionality with the other popular browsers such as Firefox. The time and resources required to repair issues like these are small, when compared with the cost of tarnishing your professional reputation.

Do you take your customer down an orgainzed path to follow, like the aisle of a store?Or is your website more like your neighbors yard sale after a thunder storm?These are all important issues to consider when building and maintaining your website.So ask yourself are you open for business?

Here's the perfect way to introduce new customers to your business.A duplicatable system that they can follow.

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