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How To Retweet - A beginners guide

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What is a Retweet?

A Retweet is a type of message posted (or tweeted) on micro blogging sevice, Twitter, that repeats some information previously tweeted by another user. The person making the Retweet is a Retweeter or a Retweetist.

The Retweet has become a common way to spread information across overlapping social groups online. The principle is simple, my circle of contacts will often vary from your circle of contacts enough that the act of Retweeting what you say has extended value to a greater group of people. It also has the effect of highlighting an interesting piece of information when a third person is a contact of both the original tweeter and the retweetist. Repetition hammers home the point.
What does a Retweet look like?

There are several forms of Retweet that are commonly used. Most commonly, the Retweetist will use some form of "retweet @username", "RT @username" or "via @username", before or after the retweeted message. The @ mark is a common convention used to refer to a user account, when used before the user name.

Let's have a look at one...

RT @retweetist : I am a Retweetist and not ashamed to say it http://retweetist.com
Now lets make one

Here is what you need to do to be a Retweetist and get started Retweeting.

1. Sign yourself up for an account on Twitter. Its easy, start here.
2. Find a tweet that you like. You might need to start following some users first. A couple of accounts related to this site which you might like to start following are @Retweetist and @mikesheetal.
3. Copy the text of the tweet you like, making sure to pay attention to the user that you are copying from.
4. Then, back to your home page and in the nice big text entry box at the top, you can start typing.. "RT @username : " where "username" is the user you copied from (its nice Twitiquette to refer to the source of the information) ... then paste your copied text. Submit and you are done!

The result should be something like the example above.

Happy Retweeting!

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