Wednesday, March 11

The SquidUtils Toolbar

for Internet Explorer and Firefox

The toolbar sits at the top of your web browser, and looks like this:

The SquidUtils Toolbar for Squidoo Lensmasters
Click on (or hover over) the links below to see the toolbar in action:

Search Box:
Click on the magnifying glass to find Lenses and Groups.

The latest blog posts from SquidBlog, SquidU, LotD and SquidUtils.

See when Lensrank was updated, plus access to your Lenses, Groups, Comments, etc.

The SquidUtils Toolbar for Squidoo Lensmasters
If you have multiple accounts, you can add their logins to this menu.

Love This Lens?
Quick links to rate and favorite lenses, as well as bookmarking.

Lens Workshop:
Build a new lens, with all of the co-brands listed, plus Ping, Backlinks and Quick Tags.

Links to all the other tools on, including the Amazon Links and RSS feeds.

Get Help:
If you're stuck, then here are some top lens building resources to help you out.

Get the Toolbar for Your Browser

Supports both Internet Explorer and Firefox

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