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A Simple 7 Day Marketing Formula

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Virtually ANYTHING works…

…if YOU put in the work!

And with that said, as promised - here’s a simple formula that won’t cost you $60,000 to “learn”, that works every time and always will:

A Simple Formula For Nearly-Instant Results

Here it is, plain and simple…

You’re going to choose an ultra simple business model (I’ve listed a detailed example below) and you’re going to LAUNCH it in 7 days.

Not have a “plan” drafted in 7 days.

Not buy some jackasses course about the strategy.

Not get all excited about it and blab your virtual mouth off about it on marketing forums….

You’re going to actually DO it.

And this method ONLY works if you start, build, complete and actually LAUNCH it within 7 days or less, because that deadline ensures simplicity, feasibility and a realistic plan of action that won’t continually “grow” 100 times larger than the initial idea (which has the exact same net result as procrastination - regardless of the intention)…

So we’re clear?


Now let’s look at a perfect example of a super-simple business model that works, has always worked, and always will work - that you can start and finish in 7 days or less…

1. Find a good product in a niche that’s opt-in list friendly. Examples include anything related to music, investing, health/fitness, hobbies, sports, and so on. In general, if the vendors in the market are list-building, there’s a good reason why. Now go scour Clickbank,, AzoogleAds, and others and make a list of all the niches where the vendors have an opt-in form.

You will become an affiliate for this product, and the following steps will explain how you promote it.

Hint: There’s hundreds, if not thousands.

2. Go buy a PLR ebook or report related to that topic. Just google “niche + plr” or whatever and in many cases you’ll be able to find great reports that you can totally re-brand, re-name and all that stuff for as little as $5 or even less. Some examples of sites that sell PLR like this are Master-Resale-Rights and PLR Store.

Modify that PLR report so that it’s easy to read, and have it recommend your chosen product (use an authoritative, conversational pre-sell at the beginning, end and perhaps in one or two spots within the report).

3. Buy a Domain Name and Set Up an Offer For a 7-Day Mini-Course And the PLR Report. “Sell” the report with a brief pitch, and then set up your Aweber form (or whatever autoresponder you use) to add the lead to your opt-in list.

Hint: If you’d like thousands of ideas of what you can do and model after, just Google “7 day mini course” and you’ll have about a year’s worth of things to essentially copy ahead of you…

4. Create 7 Follow-Up Messages, Staggering Their Delivery a Day Apart. These will be 7 useful articles that focus on the selling points that your target affiliate offer focuses on as well. Ideally, the product you’re promoting should be a shortcut, or some kind of automation, so that your quality tutorial content acts as an amazing pre-sell for your subscribers to genuinely save time, automate, etc. with the actual offer.

As an example, a 7-day mini-course on learning guitar could include the basics of how to read tabs, tuning tips and so on, all the while naturally recommending your primary offer - whatever that may be (perhaps a guitar membership site or continuity program, etc.)

If you’re stuck, just join a bunch of related 7-day courses and write about the same topics. Easy.

Hell, some of the good affiliate programs literally give away awesome content that you can use for your mini-course!

5. Go to,, and Other Reprintable Content Sources and Find 50 Quality Articles/Videos. Boom. You now have quality followup autoresponder content for an entire YEAR of easily & effortlessly recycling traffic by staggering the messages 7 days apart.

Host the reprinted article or embedded video on a dedicated page of YOUR site, and place a brief recommendation for the offer (or other methods of monetization) at the top and bottom of the content.

Keep the actual emails that point to those pages brief, and link to the main offer as well as a secondary link.

Here’s an example:


Subject: GuitarMaster Issue #34 - Learn This Hot Blues Riff in 3 Minutes Flat…

Hi {!name},

This is Joe from GuitarMaster.

Today’s guest contributor is Fred Flinstone, a world-renowned blues guitarist who [blah blah blah…]

Check out this tutorial that will have you playing one of his hottest riffs in less than 3 minutes - even for beginners:




P.S. If you’re serious about learning guitar - and actually sounding hot - then you need to learn from the best. I still haven’t found a better resource than [Whatever Course] at

Check ‘em out…


See how easy this is?

You don’t even need to outsource articles - just use pre-existing content!

The whole idea is to recycle your traffic and send more and more prospects to the offer over time.

In addition to these consistent followups, you can also throw in straight pre-sells that only mention the offer. Or perhaps other offers with different angles.

Now you’ve got a system in place for automatically multiplying the value of your traffic through the roof.

Which brings us to the next and final step…

6. Get Traffic. Add articles to your site, submit articles to other sites for traffic, optimize and get organic traffic, build a dedicated landing page and carefully run PPC tests for relevant keywords, use forum signature links and participate in forums, cite your URL as a relevant source on Yahoo Answers, exchange content/promos with other webmasters, and once you’ve got a bit of a list going - then start doing cross-promos to build your list that much faster.

You know the drill - it’s just traffic building 101.

Even if you just do the free strategies (articles, forums, eventual organic long-tail, etc.), you’ll still get traffic and you’ll still get subscribers if your offer matches what they want.

You can EASILY do all this in 7 days or less. If you can’t, then this is seriously not the business for you. Hell, you can even outsource this entire process for a couple hundred bucks (and if you do, then why not just send your freelancers to this blog post for pre-written instructions?)

Even if your site gets just a few visitors a day and your list builds by a few subscribers a day, if you’re promoting a hot offer and genuinely giving your subscribers something interesting - you WILL see sales.

And over time, your list (and compounding recycled traffic) will grow, along with your sales. Not to mention - you’ll be able to broadcast to your subscribers any time you want. So if it went well and you decide to scale up - great! You’ve already got an email list to work with - and that’s a key factor in building an authority blog, forums, communities, natural links, etc.

It’s also very helpful if you decide to launch your own product in the market at some point.

So this is just a 7-day strategy, from start to finish - including the traffic building elements. You could set up your PLR report, your opt-in offer and ALL your autoresponder content/followups in a day or two, max. (And no, you don’t have to go and find exactly 50 content pieces for followups. You could even just find 10 for starters and then add to it if the campaign was performing).

And the remaining 5 or 6 days you spend on the traffic & external content elements. Articles for the site. Articles for submission to other sites. Directory submissions, forum traffic, yahoo answers, relevant blog comments, PPC tests, developing useful software (see and distributing it, and so on.

It isn’t hard and it’s completely systematic.

If you’re just starting out (or if you have nothing to show for your efforts thus far), then even if you did this just 3 times a month, you’d be on your way to seeing consistent results very quickly.

Once you learn how to “pre-sell” effectively (and it simply comes with practice), then each of these sites can easily earn you hundreds of dollars a month, or perhaps even more. In fact, I have sites like this that I haven’t promoted or even thought about it YEARS - and they still generate consistent sales every month. And I’m talking about sites that are like TWO pages total, almost zero search engine visibility…

Obviously, in time you’ll have some winners that you can scale up.

But even if all you do is just duplicate this process in as many viable niches as you can find, you’d be earning a 6-figure income pretty damn quick - and you’d have an email list in each of those markets as well.

So really, folks - there’s no excuse.

That’s as simple as it gets and it will ALWAYS work.

Question is…

Will you?

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