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Penzu - the Private Online Journal

Penzu : Free Private Journal and Diary
Penzu: The best free private journal on the web.

Start, Write Away!

Extremely fast, intuitive, and easy to use! No need to log in - get your thoughts out instantly and log in later to save to your account.

Penzu was designed as a private journal first. You can write freely and never worry that someone will read your entries.

Add images and bring your entries to life! With our unique image insertion, your pics won’t get in the way of your writing.

Want to share what you are thinking? Send your entries to others. And if you want to keep your identity a secret, just click Anonymous!

With instant filtering search, you can find what you are looking for as quickly and easily as a desktop application.

Never lose your entries again! Your work is saved as you type, so you never have to worry about saving.

Why Keep a Journal?

Live Longer......

The world’s oldest man, Tomoji Tanabe, still keeps a daily journal at 112 years of age. Could that be his secret?

Be Healthier......

Hundreds of studies have shown that regular expressive journal writing can improve your physical and mental well being.

Get Smarter......

Studies have also shown that keeping a journal can not only boost your “working memory” but your grades too.

Look Back into the Past.......

Crystalize moments and preserve your memories for ever. Look back into time and see what you were thinking!

A daily diary, expressive journal, and travel journal are just some of the ways you can record the story of your life.

Don’t know where or how to start? Having trouble writing? Visit our Getting Started guide to get some tips on journal writing.

Kurt Cobain, Anne Frank, Che Guevara, and Sylvia Plath are just some of the famous people who kept a journal. They left behind their life stories which have become international sensations.

Because of Anne Frank’s diary, we got a glimpse of life from a different perspective. Get inspired by excerpts from some of the greatest stories ever told.

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