Saturday, August 29

Article on Your Site or EZA?

Article on site or EZA first ? - WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums
Here’s what I do with each and every article I create:

Step 1: Publish it on my own website/property first <– this is essential, the content is YOURS.. do NOT give it to a directory first. Putting your content first on a glorified made for adsense site like a directory is marketing suicide, put it on your website first.

Step 2: Tweak it a little and publish it to Ezine Articles. I honestly don’t tweak it that much but I like to anyway just so that it has some added flavour for distribution. Your goal with ezine is to get other directories to re-publish it too.

Step 3: Tweak and expand, using each of the main points for a squidoo module on a lens and build a squidoo lens around it. (hence my hundreds of lenses that turn profit for me). Squidoo lenses can be quick and highly profitable, once you get into the swing of creating them.

Step 4: Mass publish it wherever you like, use iSnare if you wish.. it’s a good service... get that content spread around!!!!

This has served me now for years, and I can’t even write articles that well.

Anything you hear about “duplicate content” rules is complete crap in most cases. The ONLY time duplicate content is an issue is when you have duplicates on the same domain.. like two pages that are mirroring each other on one domain.

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