Tuesday, August 25

The Marketing Sales Process

The success of Internet Marketing lies in your ability to transform a visitor into a customer adopting the right sales process strategies. Successful sales process strategies in Internet Marketing consists of various levels. It is a skillful art to navigate a visitor and potential customer through the selection and purchasing process. Creating a successful online sales process can be accomplished by making sure that you guide your visitor capably through the various levels of the sales process on your site. All marketing strategists will tell you that there is a psychological element that must be met in order for a site visitor to be persuaded to purchase a product or service.

There are proven steps available for you to effectively follow to achieve the successful sales process in the virtual world. The levels of the sales process sequentially build on one another and the methodology will then assist you in setting realistic and attainable Internet Marketing goals. These levels of the sales process are the essential components that will transform your website viewer from visitor to customer. The five levels of sales process can be identified as prospecting your target visitors, building trust, navigating the prospect through the process, convincingly presenting your products and/or services and finally closing the sale. The first level of prospecting means targeting potential traffic to your virtual storefront.

This can be achieved by search engine optimization, pay per clicks, or advertisements that draw people to your site. It should then lie within your powers to highlight the obvious void in the marketplace that your product or service can fill and why the intending buyer should choose you over your competitors. The next level of building trust can be achieved by greeting a person by helping them find something that they are looking for. Your website must convince your prospective customer that you are a professionally organized and a reliable company. He must be able to navigate the site with ease free from all cluttering.

Your site should work as sales professional and as a live virtual assistant who knows the needs the visitor's needs. To fulfill the next level, it is essential to understand that a person visits your site because she has some need – usually a product or service. Internet Marketing research reveals that 7 out of 10 visitors to a site are ready to buy. Make sure that the navigation process is clear and easy to follow. Then you reach the presentation process level where you have to create a strong impact on your customer about the product or services you offer.

As you present your products or services, you have to continually keep the attention of the buyer without any let-up. As you present your products or services, you have to continually keep the attention of the buyer without any let-up by motivating them to continue with the sale. The final level deals with closing the sale. To achieve this, you must provide enough information about the product or service you offer with the necessary assurances and guarantees regarding their purchase. It is a very powerful technique to add testimonials for each product or service to build added credibility. Finally, offering the prospective customer several payment options also gives you a greater chance to make that sale.

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