Saturday, August 29

More Article Publishing Info

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1. Create your own original unique article and post it in your site / blog first in full length.

2. Install a blog (if you main site is a blog then install a 2nd one) on this blog you will post only a summary and link to your main site/blog article.

3. Bookmark your original article and bookmark the blog with the summary. After bookmarking if you have Rss Feeds then submit those to Rss Directories.

- If you use Clipmarks - What are you finding on the web? or All News, Videos, & Images you can have your article indexed within minutes.

4. Take your orginal article and rewrite it at least 35% - there are proper spinners you can use for this process if you desire. If you have no desire to spin then just create a copy and edit the copy.

5. Submit the copies of your article to article directories, now this is where spun articles would really help as you could provide 20 or so different copies to 20 or so different article directories.

6. Make sure you resource box leads back to your site. If you want and the article directory allows a 2nd link you can link to one of your other articles on another article directory.

- Changing your resource box is a good thing, just like spinning your article you should also make slight changes to your resource box.

7. Bookmark each one of the articles you have posted on article directories. If the article directories has author Rss Feeds then submit those to Rss Directories.

8. Use distribution services (again spun articles are great for this) such as iSnare, MyArticleNetwork, and etc... Get your spun version posted on blogs, yahoo groups, and etc..

9. Create a beautiful looking PDF from one of the articles and start posting it on Document Sharing sites. Make sure to bookmark and submit Rss Feeds as explained above.

- Learn about document sharing sites -

10. As they say rinse and repeat....


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