Monday, January 4

Happy New Year, and New Decade!

I hope the end of year holiday season has gone well for you. I think for many people, it is a time to reflect on how things are going in life generally, as well as in business. It's a good feeling sometimes to clear away old things and old ways of doing things, and make a fresh start. I've done a little bit of that, and decided to upgrade my marketing efforts with the Veretekk Platinum system. It's a huge step up, and makes you feel like anything is possible - such is the power of the system. One of the major benefits, is that it allows you to configure a Gold system really quickly. The idea with Platinum is that you can control many Gold systems at once, and you get 10 Gold accounts included with it. But also, you can use the Platinum control panel to set up other Gold systems by temporarily taking control of them. So, if you are building a team in a particular marketing company, you can make sure that they are all set up with the correct links and keywords. Being able to deal with the Gold systems more quickly also reminds you how powerful the individual Gold accounts are, when set up and utilised correctly. This truly is "Marketing At The Speed Of Thought"!

best wishes,

Jonathan Jenkins.
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