Friday, January 22

Internet Marketing is Not Difficult.....

- by Carrie Wilkerson:

Internet Marketing is not as difficult as some may imagine. I know what you’re thinking, but I’d like to you continue reading so you understand what is meant by that statement. When beginning or continuing any business you must realize that it takes work. Sure, some businesses require more work than others, but we can all agree that you must work for your success. With that said, understand that internet marketing is not any different. If someone tells you that you can make 6 figures in 30 days, run and don’t look back!
Internet marketing is different from an offline business but in some ways it is still the same. It requires hard work, diligence, focus and a vivid imagination. You must be willing to put all and every effort you can imagine to succeed but the results are worth it.

Let’s break down the word, internet marketing and notice that marketing is the main word. Yes, internet is important but marketing is where you will find your success. With an offline business you may market with business cards, advertisements, word of mouth, seminars, workshops and the list can go on. The difference with internet marketing is that you can reach many, many people with your marketing efforts. Some ways to market effectively are the following:
Article marketing – this has to be one of the easiest ways to market and the best part is that it can be ultimately free. Sharing information that is relevant to your business is essential. In order to market effectively with this method you must be consistent and make your articles interesting and useful. Providing information that is relevant to your client or customer base will increase your popularity and will instantly expert status. It is important to have your articles read, so be sure to submit to directories, and share on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

Video marketing – one of my favorite ways to market to my audience. Your audience can see you, hear you and connect with you instantly when you incorporate videos into your marketing plan. Try to keep your videos short but impactful; you don’t want to bore your audience and that will happen if your videos tend to drag on and on. Just as your articles, your videos must share pertinent information that relates to your market and business.

Once you have mastered the above simple methods you can branch out and add newsletters, teleseminars, webinars and off line meetings. It is important to remember that as in any business, marketing involves your involvement and your persistence. You can not merely set up a website and expect your target market to find you. If by chance they do locate your site, be sure to have information that will attract them and keep them coming. You can be successful at internet marketing with a little sweat and tears, all is possible.
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