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Article Writing | The Samantha Milner Blog

Article Writing | The Samantha Milner Blog
Article Writing has become the pinnacle of the success of an online business to create the ultimate level of SEO. I for one could not live without it now and I have discovered how great it really is.

It can create many links back to your Website or Blogs. Creating an instant stream of traffic with very little effort. Even if you do outsource this part of your business you can still do it for an extremely good price. If you shopped around you could even do it for as little as $5 an article.

Away from the Bum Marketing Method that we either love or loathe the use of good quality articles can really make a difference to your business. If you market them correctly it is not difficult to appear in Google in a matter of a few short hours with high regarded keywords.

Through years of practice I have learnt how to market an article just right and most of all how easy it really is. I could take someone off the street who has no experience and teach them in a day how to write, submit then market their article.

The secret to writing good quality articles is to find something that you have a real passion for and write from the heart. At the same time making sure that your very first paragraph includes at least five keywords without making it obvious. Once you have submitted your article and it has been approved wait five days and then re-submit it to at least 10 article directories.

Here are my favourite ones and simply pick ten that you like….

When you do re-submit your article make sure that you use the Bio Box to point it towards the original article adding even more backlinks to it. Some marketers will tell you to point your re-submitted article to your Blog but I disagree. By doing it my way all the traffic will go to the original article which then provides lots of traffic through to the links in your original Bio.

Once you have done this you will need to Bookmark your article to at least 12 Bookmarking sites and this is when the ranking really goes crazy!

If you get into a good routine of sending live two articles a day the results will come a lot sooner than you realise and your traffic levels will be amazing.

To your online success


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