Saturday, July 17

Wednesday the 17th of July 1940

Wednesday the 17th of July 1940

Day: The I.C.I. Factory at Ardeer, Ayrshire was bombed by a few He 111's of KG 26. Light attacks on the South East coast. Shipping attacks further up east coast and off Scotland.
The first Polish R.A.F. Squadron, No 302 Polish Squadron was formed on this day.
R.A.F. first sights 'Seelöwe' (Sealion) activity taking place in occupied Channel ports.

Night: Light raids in south west. Mine laying in the Thames Estuary and the Bristol Channel by He 115's of Fliegerdivision IX

Losses: Luftwaffe 4: Fighter Command 2.

Weather: Less cloudy with light rain at times.

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