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My Secret To Making Money Fast By Doing Things a "Certain Way" - by Matthew Olson

My Secret To Making Money Fast By Doing Things a "Certain Way"

In my opinion, the biggest mistake most new marketers make is jumping from one "shiny new" method to the next. They never give themselves enough time to go through the proper experimentation and learning curve to master any one method. They are too easily distracted and impatient.

Pick ONE proven method and stick with it. Become passionate and obsessed with it. Only focus on that method until you've gained some level of mastery over it. Ignore all other methods until you're making money with the first one.

If you see other methods that catch your attention, make a note of them, bookmark the info and put it on the backburner for later. Stay the course.

This is what I did in beginning. I focused exclusively on one proven method and turned a blind eye to everything else. I read every course and forum thread I could on the subject, asked a ton of questions and most importantly... I TOOK ACTION right away. Because of this approach I was able to get into profit very quickly. I was able to make a profit within my first week or two as a newbie and went full time shortly after that.

So which method do you choose? It should be a method that you resonate with, that excites you. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the skills to do it – if there is a step involved that you’re unfamiliar with, you can learn it. We have a massive amount of info on the Warrior Forum and you can easily learn new skills if you’re determined.

Make sure the method is a tried and true method, not a brand new one that may get saturated in a few months.There are a ton of new methods coming out every day that have not stood the test of time. No doubt many of them are effective but others are not. As a newbie you should choose a method that has a proven track record of success. That’s why I chose the method I did – I knew for a fact that many people were making a solid income with my chosen method because of all the forum posts and courses on this subject. Sure, there were a lot of other methods that looked more exciting and promised “$1000 per day for doing nothing starting today” – but those types of methods didn’t have the stability I was looking for. I wanted to have as close to 100% confidence as possible in whatever I was going to commit to.

Once you’ve achieved some success in IM then you have more freedom to take some risks and experiment with newer methods. However, I still apply this “choose one method and stick with it” approach when learning new methods. I look around and see what excites me, I choose ONE method and totally commit to it until I’ve achieved some mastery over it. Rinse and repeat. Before you know it you’ll have 3-4 methods under your belt that you can rely on with confidence.

Naturally there will be times when you commit to a method and it just doesn’t work out for you. You’ll minimize the likelihood of this happening if you stick with ones that are tried and true. However, occasionally I’ve dumped a method. Here’s how I know its time to throw in the towel: When I lose ALL enthusiasm for it. I’ll take a break and come back to it and if I still feel totally uninspired to continue then I know its time to move on. There is no sense in continuing to do something that drains your energy. Just don’t be too eager to quit too soon. Challenges and set backs may come your way, that can be a natural part of the learning curve and you should learn to work through them. But when every day becomes a struggle, then you know its time to reconsider your path. Either make some adjustments or let it go. Don’t beat yourself up.

I believe the approach I’ve outlined here is the “secret” to fast success. It worked for me and I’ve seen it work for many others. This approach is responsible for me making consistent profits almost immediately as a newbie and allowing me to go full time shortly afterward.

I encourage you to choose ONE method TODAY that excites you. Make a commitment to it. Become obsessed with it. Have enthusiasm for it. Live, sleep and breathe this one method. And most importantly… TAKE ACTION ASAP!

To your success,

Matthew Olson



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