Sunday, March 6

New Exclusive PLR Articles Available Now

New Exclusive PLR Content - Free Review Copies!

New Exclusive PLR Content

"If you are in the market for quality articles, congratulations, you just found them!" - JanSimpson

Here's a great chance to pick up some quality content for your site, blog, or just to use in your article marketing campaign.

*15 Articles*
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"The 15 articles are well written so if you happen to be in any of the niches mentioned, you should check it out. You can easily use it on its own or re-write it to add your own personal touch- something which could be easily done.

I used to outsource articles at $5 or more per piece. So getting 15 quality articles for the price of $5 is definitely a bargain. If you were to use just one article, it is going to be worth the price paid
." - Nurturelab

Warrior Forum

Right now, there is a very special price of just $5 dollars for the package of 15 articles, and the total number of packages will be limited to just 100.

I have only just started using the content myself, as I have only just received it direct from the author, who is a highly-qualified specialist in the English language and literature.

We are both British born, and live in the UK - so English is very much in our blood as our language!

We would welcome any feedback you care to give, either via PM or by posting here; and welcome any enquiries for custom-written content.

So, pick up a bargain pack of quality articles now - we really are only selling 100 here, and will not offer them anywhere else.

Subject categories include travel/tourism, internet marketing, Kindle publishing, health & beauty, dieting, children’s toys, and family.

One of the keywords has 90,000 global monthly searches with low competition.

Once again, 15 hand-crafted, quality articles for just $5 - don’t miss this amazing bargain!

And here's a list of those articles:

1.Lego Train Set Reviews
2.COPD Treatments
3.Are Internet riches For Real??
4.Article Marketing - Why Doesn't Everybody Do It?
5.Beginning Internet Marketing - Fire Your Boss With An Article!
6.Butter - The New Health Food
7.Low Carb Dieting
8.Bedazzle the Vajajay!
9.My family and other (party) animals!
10.Visit The SS Great Britain
11.La Sagrada Familia - Gaudi's Unfinished Cathedral
12.Tips For Cleaning Cat Urine
13.How To Publish On Kindle
14.Top 5 teeth whitening products - home kits
15.The golden beauty of sunless tanning products!

- they range from around 300 words to over 1000

This is a WSO of 15 articles written on varying topics. I have to tell you, there is an article in there for everyone! I actually learned many useful hints in reading them. I was surprised to say the least.

The articles are fine as written but you could easily make them shorter or longer depending upon your needs. I would have to say that Jon is absolutely correct in labeling this WSO as a
"bargain pack of quality articles"

I believe that this is great value-not only in content-but look at all of the valuable time that you will save by not having to research and write articles on 15 different topics.

If you are in the market for quality articles, congratulations, you just found them!" - JanSimpson

".....for the price....very, very good. You can spin these articles into hundreds of articles, and use them in countless ways........Very much worth the price for unique articles." - JonHascue

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