Saturday, September 3

"Internet Marketing"

For those involved in it, "internet marketing" usually refers to 2 main things: setting up a website to sell stuff; and/or sending emails to sell stuff. In practice, there are many different ways to accomplish these two things, but also the area of "marketing on the internet" covers a wide range of things. Many people market themselves and their businesses on the internet, but the phrase "internet marketers" has come to refer to those who make their main income selling products and services online.

There seem to be as many methods to make money on the internet as days in the year, or maybe days in the decade! One of the most popular things to do is to sell information products; these help people solve a problem, or teach them something new. The product itself is simply a digital file - in effect, an electronic book, or "ebook". This can be delivered to purchasers by download or email, and read on their computers - and on some ebook readers. So basically, creating your own product and advertising with websites and email is one way to make money on the internet.

Another popular method is to work on commission selling other peoples' products. Even a huge company like Amazon allows anybody to copy Amazon adverts onto their own site, and Amazon will pay a small percentage for each sale that results. Other publishers and product suppliers offer quite large commissions, either as flat fees or percentages. In information products, it not unusual to have commissions over 50%. In these cases, the publishers are also relying on getting customers to sign up to an email newsletter, in which they will obviously do more advertising. be continued....
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